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Launching an SDK is hard. You will have to get everything right before making the SDK public - else you will end up releasing an update the next day of your launch (experience is talking here 😅).

Here is a checklist that I came up with after following certain best practices I found on the internet and after revamping & releasing 8 server-side SDKs at work.

This checklist is broken down into the following 4 sections:

This checklist is designed to ensure smooth SDK releases and I recommend you use this for your existing and new SDK releases.

Spec checklist

Here is what you must capture in your spec to avoid last-minute surprises.

Alpha & Beta Testing Checklist

Now that the spec is done and you are ready with an alpha/beta version, use this checklist to catch issues early on. If you are going to release this alpha/beta publicly, follow the Public Launch checklist too.

Public Launch Checklist

This is great! These are the things you need to double-check to make sure your public launches go well.

Post Launch Checklist

Congrats on the SDK launch. Here are a few things to close the loop!

That’s all I had. All the best for your launch!