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Product Manager, 2016 - 2018
plivo.com (YC S12)

I was the product manager for Plivo’s SMS & owned voice OTP use case, developer experience, and anti-fraud systems. Was responsible for the revenue and P&L for voice OTP use case.

Voice OTP: Owned the entire voice OTP (one time password via a voice call) use case and improved call quality & conversions significantly through several optimizations resulting in 2x revenue (to the tune of $X million a year) and 3x profits in less than 6 months.

Developer experience: Hired and managed a team of 8 engineering interns. Designed & spec’d all interfaces for the v4 server-side SDKs in 7 languages & wrote quickstart guides to cut down the onboarding time for developers. Shipped all SDKs, several integrations (like Zapier and Microsoft Flow) for non-developers, and launched Stripe-style API reference. Finally, spec’d and created a POC for a visual programming product (later launched as PHLO).

SMS: Fixed the error codes and messages to help out developers debug undelivered SMS.

Anti-fraud: Shipped several features to verify users that reduced chargebacks by 90%+ and saved $0.X million for the business, in less than 45 days.