Hello there!

I am a product manager at BrowserStack focusing on growth, revenue expansion and engagement of the Automate product.

Previously, co-founded Crash Course, was a product manager at Plivo, studied MBA at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and CS at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.

I am good at tech, business strategy, design and UX. Non-GUI based UX is my niche specialty (command-line interfaces, SDKs and API design).

Things that interest me:

  • All things web & web development
  • Developer tools
  • Fraud and identity theft management
  • Complex workflows (like payments & telephony)
  • Recommender systems & data mining

Things I built & am proud of:

  • Crash Course (too bad it didn’t work out as a viable business)
  • An image server written in Python and hosted on Google Cloud (wrote it as a side project)
  • Google Summer of Code, 2013: Finding closest match spectra from DB
  • CulinarYou: a recipe search engine with a recipe book generator - written in Python and hosted in App Engine. It made me the world finalist in Google’s Cloud Developer Challenge. Built years ago for GCDC and isn’t working since past few weeks 😥. Will fix it soon.

Things I built, but could’ve done better:

A few more things:

  • 🥋 Martial arts - have an orange belt in Karate, but practised till black belt without giving any belt tests. I still practice my nunchaks and geek out on Krav Maga.
  • ✈️ Airplanes - I love flying planes (on my laptop, of course 😅). Landing is my favorite (especially the runway approach). I also like to geek out on the internal working of the machine.
  • 🎶 Songs & lyrics - I like listening to old Telugu songs and analyzing the lyrics. You should give it a try - it is dangerously addicting.
  • 🍿 Manga & Anime - Huge fanboy of Naruto and One Piece. Shonen Jump rocks!
  • 📐 Mechanical & civil engineering - for some reason, I adore the engineering brilliance these mech & civil engineers bring to this world. I am talking about “using ancient rocket propulsion techniques to inflate evacuation slides in A380” kind of brilliance.